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Together we grow in God’s love

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!



Please see the PowerPoint below for Year 5's Curriculum Meeting. Each slide has a sound button for you to listen to. 

Friday 6th November 2020 - Tom Palmer Virtual Visit 


Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their Q and A session with Tom Palmer this week. They learnt about what being an author entails and have been inspired to use some of Tom Palmer's writing methods. 


Some of Year 5's thoughts: 

Gabriella said, "I most enjoyed how he told us step by step to edit, so now I can use that in my writing."


Emma said, "I am inspired by Tom Palmer because I now understand how hard he works and how he sets his work out."


Ethan said, "I most enjoyed the part when Tom Palmer explained what a typical week is like for an author."


Jacob said, "I am now inspired to write a book."  

Tuesday 10th November 2020 - World Science Day - Meet a Scientist 


Year 5 were extremely lucky this week as they were given the opportunity to celebrate World Science Day by Meeting two scientists. They met a scientist who researches Dementia and an astrophysicist. Year 5 were told about which qualifications they would need to do these jobs in the future and what the scientists do on a daily basis. 


Some of Year 5's thoughts: 

Asher said, "I have been inspired to study Space in the future."


Daisy said, "I really enjoyed seeing the brain scans that Lucy had done."


Max said, "I have learnt a lot of stuff about the astrophysicist. It was really fun listening to both of them. I learnt about stars, planets, brains and telescopes. It was really fun!"


Jack said, "I have learnt that a telescope can see colours better than the human eye can."


Poppy said, "I have learnt how much you have to study to be a scientist."

Ancient Egyptian Day 2020 - 26th November 2020


We were very lucky to take part in a virtual Ancient Egyptian Day this week. The children looked fantastic in their costumes. We learnt all about Tutankhamun's burial and became his team of workers, helping to prepare the tomb for him. We mummified a peg with bandages, made foil plaques, made an ostrich feather fan, made a clay Shabti Doll, painted hieroglyphics on papyrus paper and painted an Egyptian god on modroc. A great day was had by all.  

Decorate the Classroom Day - 27th November 2020


We had such a fantastic day today decorating our classroom in preparation for Christmas. We made an Advent prayer garland for the Christmas tree, circular calendars for 2021, Christmas cards using water colour pencils, a class Advent wreath and Indian Christmas stars for our classroom. 

Earth and Space - Year 5 Science 


This half term, Year 5 have enjoyed learning about Earth and Space. We have learnt about the names, sizes and distances between planets. We have learnt about the phases of the moon and re-created this using Oreo biscuits. We even carried out a class experiment to see how day and night works based on the rotation of the Earth. At the end of the topic, we we made Earth and Space fact files to show our understanding. 

Tsunami Experiment - Geography


We have been learning about Extreme Earth in Geography. We made tsunamis in a tray and recorded a documentary to show what causes a tsunami and the effect that it has on people and the land. Here are our mini tray tsunamis.