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Together we grow in God’s love

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!



Year 4 Netball and Football

Reading our stories to Year 1

This World Book Day some Year 4 pupils have read the stories they have written in English to Year 1. They did so well and spoke with confidence. Well done! 

Exploring microhabitats

Year 4 are learning about habitats and microhabitats. We have been exploring microhabitats outdoors and we have found some amazing animals!

Ancient Greek day

Year 4 had a great day learning all about the ancient Greeks. They had fun performing Greek myths, trying on ancient Greek fashion, using maths to solve problems and handling artefacts. 

Isaac said that he really like Greek day, because he was able to see and try on loads of Greek things. He also liked doing the plays and he said that they were really fun. He loved making the boat squares, even though he didn't win!

Eve said that she enjoyed playing Medusa and acting! Her favourite part was at the end when she was able to try things on and hold something that is 2500 years old!

Archie said that the Greek day was amazing because he was able to perform in plays and that the best part was trying on ancient Greek hats!

Ava said that Greek day was great, she learnt all about the Greeks. Her favourite part was the fashion show because she could wear the ancient Greek amour. 

Science models

In science, we have been learning about the digestive system. Year 4 made models of the different parts of the digestive system. They then presented their model, along with facts about the body part, to the rest of the class. They did so well, making a mouth, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine.

Christmas hats

Science experiments - Making electrical circuits

We had a great time constructing electrical circuits and learning about all the parts that make a working circuit.

We had a really good 6 weeks of learning how to play badminton in the Autumn term 1. We learnt the rules, how to serve and how to win points in a game. In our last lesson, we had the chance to play doubles games against each other, which was so much fun. We all were awarded a certificate to say we had passed level 1 and we received badges too!

During Autumn term 1, we sewed our initial using cross-stitch. We had such a lot of fun doing this and we learnt many new skills. We based our colour choice on typical Tudor colours to link with our history topic on The Tudors. Some of us decided to try out some other colours instead of just sticking to the Tudor colours so we could express our individuality. These lessons were some our most favourite so far. We hope you enjoy seeing what we made!