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Together we grow in God’s love

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Together we grow in God’s love

Information For Year 1 Parents

Other Tips for Parents


  • Help your child learn letters in the alphabet (their names and sounds).

  • Support your child with counting to 20 and beyond, writing these numbers along with adding and taking away.

  • Play games with your child at any opportunity, such as, ‘I Spy’, ‘Snakes and Ladders’ or ‘What’s my number’.


Helpful hints for making reading an enjoyable experience.


  • Choose a time when you can be relaxed and give your undivided attention.

  • Praise what your child can do - build confidence at every opportunity.

  • Make it enjoyable for both of you - enjoy the book, it's not just about getting the word right. Even if your think the text is too easy, talk about the story line or characters or find words with letter patterns in them.

  • Choose a time in the day when your child is receptive.

  • Encourage your child to concentrate on the meaning of what they are reading and to make a sensible guess at an unknown word.

  • Remember, this does not have to be reading your child's reading book - they could read newspapers, magazines, recipe books, letters, joke books, invitations, instructions for games and models, reading related to computer games, reference books ...

  • If your child is a confident, fluent reader they still need to read aloud to help them develop expression and use punctuation correctly. They will benefit from talking about the book - forming opinions, summarising, guessing what might happen next. They also need to be encouraged to read different kinds of texts.