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St. Cross Catholic Primary School

“Together we grow in God’s love”

Spending/Planned Spending 2013 - 2015

Our spending/planned spending is outlined below. 

Total monies received: £8000 + £5 per child per annum



 Expenditure to date

 Sports resources

 Teacher training

 Planning scheme

 Specialist sports coach running lunchtime sports activities


2014 – 2015


Planned expenditure



Success Criteria


To subsidise a wide range of extra curricular clubs, emphasizing on non mainstream activities to be more inclusive and led by specialist, qualified sports coaches.

All children, irrelevant of their ability and year group are able to access a wide range of sporting activities.

Updating resources


School has a wide range of sporting equipment and lessons are well resourced.

Teacher training


Teachers are highly skilled and confident in providing challenging and effective lessons. 

Specialist sports coach running lunchtime sports activities


At lunchtimes the children have access to a variety of sports activities, building on their skills and teamwork.

MSA training


MSA’s confidently encourage play and initiate activities.