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St. Cross Catholic Primary School

“Together we grow in God’s love”

Information for Year 3 Parents

General Information

Welcome to Year3! I have planned an exciting introduction into Key Stage 2 and I will support you this year in becoming more independent learners providing you with the necessary skills to reach your full potential by the end of the year. You will have a clear understanding of the behaviour and learning expectations at St Cross from Key Stage 1 and I will actively ensure that these are upheld throughout Year 3. I firmly believe that when you have a clear understanding of what is expected in class and the high expectations I have for your achievement, you will be able to flourish. This year we will be embarking on a more ‘cross-curricular’ approach to learning at St Cross and I have planned 5 very exciting topics that will engage you and allow you to apply newly learnt skills in different subjects.


Children will continue with the reading scheme they were using in Key Stage One until we assess that they are ready to independently choose titles. We will monitor the books they choose but will appreciate your support when guiding them towards appropriate texts for their interests and ability. They are also able to bring in a book from home if they choose. They will be expected to read for 10 - 20 minutes every night to an adult. Daily reading should be recorded in their Homework Diary and the children will keep a record at school in the form of a sticker reward chart. In order to support your child’s reading comprehension skill, ask them questions about their book after they have read to you.  As well as a daily reading book, they will also have the opportunity to choose a library book on a weekly basis. In order for your child to gain the most out of reading, ask them comprehension questions about the text they are reading, check their understanding and help them to foster a love of books.


The children will bring home 10 spellings every Monday which will be stuck in their homework diaries. These will sometimes follow a spelling pattern or will be taken from the required list from Year 3, sometimes topic words may also feature. They will be tested every Monday. Please ensure that the children practise their spellings throughout the week in preparation for their spelling test. We will monitor their spelling results throughout the year and re-test where necessary.


In Year 3, your child will be expected to learn their 3, 4 and 8 times tables and these will need to be revised at home. We have a volunteer who will come in once a week to test the children on their times tables. This will be done in a timed setting, and out of order, as a way of preparing them for their times tables test they will have to sit at the end of Year 4. Once they have successfully managed to recall a particular table within the time, they will progress on to the next one. Children are expected to complete at least 10 Times Table Rockstars games each week. In addition to this, there is a bank of maths resources to help support your child's learning of maths. Children are encouraged to do some of this each week. Both the Times Table Rockstars and the online based maths homework needs to be recorded in their diaries. Your child will also be required to complete a homework project over each half term at home. They will be able to select from a number of different projects which will all relate to the topic being learnt about in school. The expectation is that they will complete at least one of the projects with some support at home to a very high standard. Depending on the project, it should encourage independent learning and application of lots of different skills. There will be a celebration of each child’s homework project at the end of each half term. They will also receive RE homework twice each half term to coincide with their learning in class. It would be lovely if this could be shared at home and different support and thoughts offered.


Please make sure your child has a PE kit in school at all times. They will not be able to share their kit with their siblings. If your child has a sports activity after school they must bring in an additional kit to wear for this.

Indoor and outdoor PE kit: Navy shorts, blue T-Shirt and plimsolls, school tracksuit or navy tracksuit bottoms/school jumper and trainers – all labelled please!

Enrichment opportunities

I will endeavour to organise an enrichment activity for each topic to further engage the children and give them rich learning experiences. As well as this, the children will be able to partake in whole school activities such as a termly art day, science week and world book day.

Many thanks for your continued support and if you have any questions or queries then do not hesitate to grab me for an informal chat on the playground or book an appointment through the school office for a more formal discussion.

Miss Wilson