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St. Cross Catholic Primary School

“Together we grow in God’s love”


At Saint Cross we offer our children the opportunity to learn the clarinet, for more information you can contact the school office.
Fun Facts about the Clarinet
  • Johann Christoph Denner created the clarinet in 1700.
  • A reed is needed to play the clarinet. To play the clarinet the musician must blow into the mouthpiece, which causes the reed to vibrate. Then using different combinations they must cover the holes with their fingers.
  • The Lyons C clarinet is an appropriate instrument for young children because it weighs less, smaller holes for fingers. And it plays classical and jazz music to the standard of any other clarinet.
  • Before the clarinet was an instrument called the chalumeau.
  • The wood traditionally used to build a clarinet is ebony and comes from places like, Africa, Asia or South America.