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St. Cross Catholic Primary School

“Together we grow in God’s love”

After School Club

Our thriving and very popular After School Club runs on a daily basis from 3.15pm - 6pm.

For children using the club from 3.15pm – 4.15pm a drink and fruit will be provided for children at 3.45pm.

For children using the club from 3.15pm  – 6.00pm  a drink and light tea will be provided at 4.45pm.

Activities will be available from the start of the club at 3.15pm until 5.45pm leaving 15 minutes to allow for children to help tidy up and be ready to be collected on time by parents or carers.  A variety of activities will be available on the tables and some will be stored in the cupboards but easily accessible should the children wish to use them.

The following types of activities will be available:

  • Varied games suitable for the ages of the children 5 – 11 years.  The variety of games will include board games which would involve the development of social skills and also single player games.
  • The use of the computer suite, depending on flexibility within school, available for research and games.
  • Football table – combines children’s interest and a team game.
  • Use of the school library, books and magazines available in a quiet area.
  • Variety of colouring, drawing and art materials and activities.
  • TV and DVD available with age appropriate DVDs.
  • The quiet area is available for those who wish to check/do homework (this is children’s choice, not enforced and not to be used as a form of tuition).
  • Outdoor activities weather permitting.

Members of staff will be available to interact and play with the children throughout.

5.45pm children will be assisting staff in tidying away the equipment, in preparation for the closure of the school.

5.55pm children will collect their belongings and be ready for collection by parents or carers.